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Xiamen xingruijia import and export co.LTD is a professional for 15 years engaged in large-scale imported systems (distributed control systems, programmable controllers, redundant fault-tolerant control systems, robotic
systems) spare parts sales. Main brands Foxboro, Tricon, Westinghouse, Motorola, Xycom, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Yaskawa, Woodward and other imported automation system spare parts sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises!


Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

June 7 to June 9 Holiday Three days in total

General Electric IS215ACLEH1B
The GE IS215ACLEH1B is an Application Control Layer Module (ACLE) that is part of the EX2100e ser...
ICS Triplex T8153C

ICS Triplex T8153C

  The ICS Triplex T8153C is a communication interface adapter that provides dual Ethernet a...