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  • General Electric IS215ACLEH1B

    General Electric IS215ACLEH1B

    The GE IS215ACLEH1B is an Application Control Layer Module (ACLE) that is part of the EX2100e series. It is a master controller used within Mark VI systems. The Mark VI Speedtronic control system was designed to offer both Simplex and Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) control options for industrial ...
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  • ICS Triplex T8153C

    ICS Triplex T8153C

      The ICS Triplex T8153C is a communication interface adapter that provides dual Ethernet and four serial ports for connecting to a variety of industrial automation devices. It is a highly reliable and versatile communication interface that is well-suited for use in a wide range of applicati...
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  • Honeywell differential pressure transmitters

    Honeywell differential pressure transmitters

    Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitter Models STD924, STD930: Micro differential pressure transmitters STG944, STG974, STG94L, STG97L, STG98L, STG99L: General-purpose differential pressure transmitters STF924, STF932: Single flange differential pressure transmitters STR93D, STR94G: D...
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  • Sensors


    Sensors are detection devices that can sense the measured information and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain laws to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, record...
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  • ABB Robotics and Porsche Management Consulting Partner to Automate the Construction Industry

    ABB Robotics and Porsche Management Consulting Partner to Automate the Construction Industry

    November 10, 2023 – ABB Robotics and Porsche Management Consulting have announced a pilot partnership to develop innovative applications for automation in modular home manufacturing, further advancing automation in the construction industry. The partnership will combine ABB’s leading ...
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  • Common Safety Requirements for Switching Power Supplies

    Common Safety Requirements for Switching Power Supplies

    Switching power supplies are electronic devices that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and can be found everywhere in our daily lives. During the use of switching power supply, there may be electric shock, fire and other safety hazards. Therefore, switching power supplies mu...
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  • PLC Control System

    PLC Control System

    PLC control system refers to the use of programmable logic controllers (PLC) as the control core of the industrial control system.PLC is a digital electronic device with a microprocessor for automation control of the digital logic controller, can be loaded into the memory at any time control inst...
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  • Artificial Intelligence Assists Enterprise Production

    Artificial Intelligence Assists Enterprise Production

    Improve efficiency AI can help businesses improve efficiency by automating tasks and optimizing processes. For example, AI can be used to automate inspection and quality control on production lines, thereby reducing waste and increasing productivity. AI can also be used to optimize production pla...
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  • CPU unit in ABB AC500 series PLC – PM571-ETH

    Product Introduction: CPU unit, 24VDC power supply, 64KB program memory, COM1 port RS232/RS485 programmable, with programming function/CS31 master station function/Modbus master/slave station communication function/ASCII function; COM2 port RS232/RS485 can be set, with programming function/Modbus...
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  • ABB PLC Remote Programming Gateway

    Product Description: HiNet intelligent gateway is a remote communication module independently developed by Huachen Zhitong Technology for localized PLC operation, supporting almost all mainstream PLC Ethernet and modbus serial port access, this solution takes ABB AC500PLC as an example to introdu...
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  • PLC commissioning needs to know

    Commissioning is the key work to check whether the PLC control system can meet the control requirements and is an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the system performance. The system must be put into use after strict commissioning of the whole system function until it meets the requiremen...
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  • ABB Motion Control Drives – MicroFlex Analog

    Product Description: The compact Microflex Analog is a high-performance servo drive with a high-performance DSP core. Product Category: Motion Control Servo Systems Servo Drives Brand: ABB Product introduction 10 – 230 V AC single-phase 230 V AC three-phase The compact Microflex Analog is a...
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  • Routine maintenance methods for ABB industrial robots

    1. Brake inspection Before normal operation, it is necessary to check the motor brake on each axis. The inspection method for the motor brake is as follows:   (1) Run the axis of each robotic arm to its maximum load position.   (2) Turn the motor mode selection switch on the robot controller to t...
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  • ABB servo driver e180 series classification: servo systems

    Brand: ABB   Servo products: Assist in mechanical equipment innovation ABB servo products can provide a wide range of motion control and mechanical control solutions for industrial applications such as packaging, textiles, printing, food and beverage, electronics, and electrical engineering....
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  • ABB S800 I/O Module Redundancy

    Product Introduction: S800 I/O can be connected to the controller as a local direct I/O and extended through an optical bus. It can also be connected in Profibus mode, with redundant configurations at all levels, including power redundancy, communication interface redundancy, and I/O module redun...
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  • ABB Programmable Controller Flexible and Consistent Expansion and Upgrade Product AC500

    AC500 is a flexible and consistent extension and upgrade product that can adapt to various automation tasks: various related devices can be flexibly combined and used according to user needs, thereby minimizing inventory. Composition of AC500 system CPU: The CPU has three different levels: PM571,...
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  • The Application of Optoelectronic Sensing Technology in the Public Transport Industry

    With the development of the country, people’s pace of life is becoming faster and faster, and the status of rail transit in public transportation is also becoming increasingly important. The practicality and safety of rail transit equipment are gradually entering the vision of relevant depa...
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  • ABB AC700F Controller – A New Controller for Micro DCS

    Product Introduction: The AC700F controller adheres to the high cost-effectiveness of PLC controllers and adopts the consistent IEC61131-3 simple graphic language programming scheme of PLC. The data is seamlessly integrated into the main system DCS operator station without the need for additional...
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  • ABB Perspective: Six Major Trends in the Data Center Industry in 2023

    Sustainable development and climate change are the primary issues for improving operational efficiency and environmental improvement in data centers 2023 is the year of interaction, with data centers focusing more on responding to the needs of local communities, enterprises, and power grid compan...
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  • Introduction to the power module of Siemens frequency converter SINAMICS S120

    The Siemens frequency converter SINAMICS S120 series is capable of performing various demanding drive control tasks in the industrial field, providing users with simple and effective drive control processes. The Siemens frequency converter SINAMICS S120 series can be configured with a power modul...
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