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Artificial intelligence refers to a discipline that simulates human intelligence through machines

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to a discipline that simulates human intelligence through machines, including machine learning, recognition, cognition, reasoning, thinking decisions, etc., through some algorithmic models, allowing machines to possess the capabilities of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a key technology for intelligent manufacturing. In the future, smart factories require multiple capabilities such as data analysis, cognitive computing, and intelligent decision-making to meet the requirements of more demanding production environments.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, everyone might think of IBM and Google. Watson, the supercomputer system launched by IBM, defeated the top human players in the quiz, and Google's AlphaGo defeated the Korean player Li Shishi in the Go game. These phenomena show that artificial intelligence is intellectually surpassing humans, and artificial intelligence can replace humans in the future. Intellectual work.

For those who are constantly pursuing progress, the innate advantages of artificial intelligence will create unlimited possibilities, and huge market opportunities will attract the layout of major manufacturers. This year, General Electric Company GE announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence company in Berlin, which will focus on robotics and artificial intelligence technology, data analysis, etc., for advanced testing services in the industrial field; ABB and IBM will cooperate with digital solutions ABB Ability and IBM Watson Networked cognitive computing technology has combined to create new value for customers in the power, industrial, transportation and infrastructure sectors; the brain of Google's brain, Baidu's artificial intelligence scientist Wu Enda, has publicized its landing.ai project to bring artificial intelligence technology to the factory. As more and more companies enter the market, it is believed that artificial intelligence technology will soon have a huge effect in the field of industrial automation.

Post time: Apr-28-2019